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3 Easy Ways to Start A Conversation With Anyone

Common stressors for young people include: school dating family friends work financial stress within the family lack of healthy, fresh food puberty sexuality mental disorders struggles with substance use individually or within the family feeling isolated physical health body image illness Here, Kids Help Phone offers some suggestions for talking to the young people in your life about stress. How do I start a conversation?

What it's like to get in touch

When approaching this topic with a young person: listen and try not to rush into problem-solving. It can motivate us to improve ourselves and accomplish what we need to do in a day. How often do you notice it?

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What else can I try? You can encourage the young person to establish priorities. Here are some suggestions: If they have control over what is causing them stress like studying for a test , encourage them to make a plan. Suggest that they create timelines that also include stress-reducing activities and sleep.

Most Teens Prefer to Chat Online, Rather Than in Person

Help them to identify people who can support them. Chat health works because it is: Confidential Quick and easy Anonymous Non-judgemental Young people using the service tell us it is a less embarrassing to ask for health advice on personal issues by text than in person or over the phone. How Chat Health works Our school nursing team responds to texts within one working day.

Chat Health operates Monday to Friday 9am — 5. Out of these opening times, anyone who texts Chat Health will receive an automated message with advice on where to get help if their question is urgent. The Chat Health text number is: Chat Health runs alongside our normal school nursing service. Chat Health has been awarded an Innovation Challenge Prize from NHS England and multiple other awards for innovative use of communication in healthcare and improving patient experiences.

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Postcode Required. Your message Required. About Us. Goals Be kinder , Help others , Improve relationships. Method Plan difficult conversations with the help of short videos.

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Developer ConNetica. User review. I liked I didn't like Whilst the app allows the user to create a plan, it doesn't actually guide the user of how to actually carry this plan out.

So it covers the what, but not the how. It also lacks how to create a safety plan with someone who IS suicidal and isn't willing to get help.

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